Our vision is for a network of healthy, resilient ecosystems on land and sea, supporting Scotland’s wildlife and people.

Why do we need a vision?

Whilst there have been some notable conservation success stories in recent years, nature is in a state of crisis.

We must be more ambitious in the scale and scope of our conservation efforts, particularly in the light of rapid environmental and climatic change. A brighter future for wildlife can only be achieved through greater involvement by the people of Scotland and through re-building nature at a landscape scale.

Achieving our vision

We will achieve our vision through:

  • Championing the ecological, moral, social and economic reasons to protect and restore nature
  • Demonstrating best practice in practical conservation and the creation of Living Landscapes and Living Seas
  • Inspiring people to experience, learn about and care for wildlife and wild places

You can find out what practical steps we are taking to realise this vision in our Strategy 2030.

What are we calling for?

  • Government to provide financial support for landscape-scale action for wildlife
  • A real recognition of the economic and social value of the environment
  • Full delivery of the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy
  • A strategic approach to tackling the key threats to ecosystem health, particularly:
    • climate change
    • invasive non-native species
    • loss of valuable wildlife habitats to development
    • diffuse pollution
    • overgrazing by deer and sheep
    • highly fragmented habitats with unsustainable populations of species
    • inappropriate land management practices
    • mismanagement of marine resources
  • Farming, forestry and land management to adopt wildlife-friendly practices
  • Marine Protected Areas to protect and recover Scotland’s marine environment
  • More quality places, in both urban and rural settings, for people to experience and enjoy wildlife
  • More opportunities for people of all ages to reconnect with the natural world
  • Easier access to information about wildlife in Scotland

How will the Scottish Wildlife Trust contribute?

We realise that the Scottish Wildlife Trust has a vital role to play in achieving this vision. We will work ambitiously, confidently and innovatively at a local and national level to make it happen.

In the wider countryside we will:

  • Champion ecosystem-scale conservation on land and sea
  • Look to establish a network of Local Nature Conservation Sites across Scotland
  • Support a biodiversity-led approach to the design and management of urban areas
  • Provide practical help to others who want to manage land and seas for wildlife
  • Act directly to save threatened wildlife and wild places
  • Champion the implementation of the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy
  • Fight for the restoration, better protection and management of the marine environment

On our reserves we will:

  • Expertly manage our land for present and future generations
  • Safeguard and enhance the native habitats and species of Scotland

Through education and communications we will:

  • Inspire the next generation of conservation ambassadors
  • Promote the gathering and sharing of information on wildlife habitats and species
  • Encourage people to see, learn about and enjoy wildlife
  • Create opportunities for greater involvement in wildlife conservation

We want Scotland’s habitats to be restored…

Suilven in the early summer morning, Assynt, Scotland.
© Joe Cornish, 2020VISION


We want Scotland’s seas to be protected…

A basking shark feeding.
© Andrew Pearson


We want native species to thrive…

A bumblebee on a leaf.
© Katrina Martin

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