Each one of our reserves is managed differently depending on its location, habitat make-up, species diversity and status.

Reserve management

The Trust maintains its network of over 100 reserves for the benefit of wildlife and people. Primarily reserves are there to provide homes for wildlife, however, we also use our reserves to demonstrate good practice and innovation to others, as well as meeting legal and health and safety requirements.

We also maintain an inventory of habitats and species which occur on our reserves. This data will be managed and shared in accordance with the principles outlined by the National Biodiversity Network. The Trust retains the right to withhold any information which it deems sensitive or which could lead to a detrimental impact on the wildlife on its reserves.

Reserves policy

The Scottish Wildlife Trust will acquire and maintain a network of wildlife reserves to safeguard a broad representation of wildlife found throughout Scotland, and to act as examples to others and for the public benefit including enjoyment, information and education.

Collectively, the Trust reserves will meet this definition, although not all of the functions stated above will be found on every reserve. The overriding function of the reserves should be for the protection and enhancement of Scottish wildlife.

Management of the Trust reserves reflects the wider local, regional and national habitats and species requirements, contributing to landscape-scale management and policy initiatives which support the conservation of Scottish wildlife.

Our reserves also provide places where people can see, learn about and enjoy wildlife. They also provide a focus for the Trust’s members and its activities, helping us encourage more people to understand and engage with the wildlife of Scotland.

The great stack and cliffs of Handa Island.
The great stack and cliffs of Handa Island. © Steve Gardner

How you can help

The ability of the Trust to undertake reserve management will, of course, be dependent on the availability of resources. Thanks to the support of Scottish Wildlife Trust members, we are able to maintain our reserves for both present and future generations to enjoy – without your help, none of this would be possible.

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