We are often approached by third parties including other conservation charities who would like to hold events and meetings on our reserves.

The Trust is pleased to see its wildlife reserves used for events which help to realise our vision for a connected network of healthy, resilient ecosystems supporting Scotland’s wildlife and people.

Anyone wishing to use a Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve for an event or an official visit should note the following:

  • In line with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, the Scottish Wildlife Trust should always be consulted in advance, both as a courtesy and so that any relevant health and safety information or details of access restrictions may be passed on.
  • The Scottish Wildlife Trust’s role must be recognised in any associated media or promotional activity. Draft wording should be sent by email to our press office.
  • The Scottish Wildlife Trust may wish to send a representative (for example if MSPs, senior civil servants, journalists or others have been invited) but will always consult with the organisers in advance.

If you would like to hold an event on one of our reserves please get in touch.

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