Putting nature at the heart of Scotland’s future

Nature is our life support system but it’s under threat. Between now and 2030, we need the biggest effort we’ve ever seen to help nature recover. Strategy 2030 sets out our goals and how we plan to achieve them. We want everyone to have the chance to be part of this, so that we can put nature at the heart of Scotland’s future.

Why 2030?

The UN has designated 2021 to 2030 as the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. 2030 is also the deadline for achieving the 17 globally agreed Sustainable Development Goals – the world’s ‘blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all’. The next decade is going to be a pivotal one for nature and people.

What do we want to see by 2030?

By 2030, we want to see nature’s decline reversed, so that nature and people can thrive alongside each other. At the same time, we want to see the restoration of nature helping to bring climate change under control, by locking up carbon on land and sea, and by increasing our resilience to flooding and other impacts. We also want to see people and communities reconnected to nature, taking action and championing nature’s central role in our lives.

“We need as many people as possible behind the effort to reverse nature’s decline. We’re very grateful to all our members who took the time to share their thoughts in our Strategy 2030 members’ consultation.”

Jo Pike, Chief Executive

Goal 1

Our wildlife reserves have directly contributed to nature’s recovery


To achieve this, we will:

  • Take action informed by science to save key habitats and species, and in doing so inspire others to act.
  • Prioritise resources where we can make the greatest contribution to nature’s recovery and to tackling the climate crisis.

Goal 2

Communities across Scotland are taking action for nature in an increasingly diverse, collective effort in which everyone can play their part


To achieve this, we will:

  • Engage new audiences, foster strong networks and encourage a deeper connection with Scotland’s wildlife, supporting people to use their skills, abilities and influence to aid nature’s recovery.
  • Prioritise interventions that have the potential to achieve scale, enable a community-led approach and result in positive outcomes for nature, including on our reserves and in partnership initiatives.

Goal 3

We have catalysed large-scale change through collaborative and pioneering initiatives to restore ecosystems on land and sea


To achieve this, we will:

  • Work with others and seek to pioneer new approaches that will help accelerate nature’s recovery across Scotland’s land and seas.
  • Prioritise action through our Living Landscapes, Living Seas and Riverwoods initiatives, focusing on bringing people together to achieve ecosystem restoration.

Goal 4

Scotland is recognised internationally for the part it has played in the UN’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration


To achieve this, we will:

  • Encourage urgency and leadership from Scotland’s decision makers in tackling the key threats to biodiversity and delivering nature-based solutions to the climate crisis and other challenges faced by society.
  • Prioritise a solutions-focused and collaborative approach to advocating policies and legislation that protect and restore ecosystems, improve our wellbeing and contribute to the world’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Goal 5

Our foundations are stronger and more resilient than they have ever been


To achieve this, we will:

  • Foster a diverse and inclusive group of skilled, effective and motivated people, and a culture based on integrity, openness and learning.
  • Collaborate through strong networks and cross-sectoral partnerships.
  • Collect, generate and make the best possible use of data, information, evidence and knowledge.
  • Reduce our negative ecological footprint, including our carbon emissions.
  • Protect and grow our strong identity, reputation and profile.
  • Manage our assets, and grow our financial capacity, ethically and sustainably.
  • Strengthen our digital infrastructure and champion purposeful digital transformation.

To download a pdf of our Strategy 2030, please click here.

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