As an evidence-based organisation, we rely on good quality data to inform how and where we work.

Our Knowledge and Evidence team works towards achieving three primary objectives:

  • To provide leadership in initiatives that provide open access to, and interpretation of, information about the natural environment.
  • To equip staff with the policies, guidance and tools required to manage information more effectively and efficiently.
  • To lead the development of indicators that inform management decisions both in terms of business and conservation decisions.

We promote open data at local and national levels through the Scottish Biological Information Forum, National Biodiversity Network and NBN Atlas Scotland.

We provide support to Trust staff for better evidence gathering, information sharing and decision making. We manage a wide range of data; provide analysis, evaluation and visualisations to inform reserve management and the direction of projects through our Living Landscapes/seas and flagship species programmes.

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Get recording!

Not only is recording and reporting your own sightings a great way of improving your ID skills, it also helps us to build up a better picture of what’s on our reserves at different times of year.

Facts & figures

The Trust in a snapshot! Find out some fast facts and figures about our species, habitats, reserves and much more.

Our data

From species sightings to habitat surveys, collecting and using data helps us to make informed decisions about how we manage our reserves.

Better biodiversity data

We are supporting the Scottish Biodiversity Information Forum Review, a Scotland-wide project transforming the biological recording network in Scotland.

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