The Scottish Wildlife Trust campaigns for fundamental and lasting improvements for wildlife across Scotland.

We believe long-term change can only be achieved by encouraging others to live and work sustainably, and the Trust works closely with environmental organisations both in Scotland and across the UK to achieve this. We also campaign at a Scottish Executive and Scottish Parliament level to improve current legislation and funding.

Our advocacy work is key to achieving the goals set out in the Trust’s Strategy 2030. By encouraging urgency and leadership from Scotland’s decision makers, we will contribute towards Scotland being recognised internationally for the part it has played in the UN’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. We will advocate for legislation that protects and restores ecosystems, improves our wellbeing and contributes to the world’s Sustainable Development Goals. And we will campaign for the critical role that nature can play in addressing the climate crisis and other challenges faced by society.

Nature is our life support system and can help solve many of the issues we face as a society. Find out how helping nature can ultimately help us.

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Policies and positions

View the Trust’s policy and advocacy documents, from consultation and planning responses to top level policies and parliamentary briefings.

Nature-based solutions

From combating climate change to reducing health inequalities, nature-based solutions can help humanity flourish alongside nature.

Current campaigns

The Scottish Wildlife Trust campaigns for fundamental and lasting improvements for wildlife across Scotland.

Find out about our current campaigns and how you might be able to get involved.

50 for the Future

Our 50 for the Future publication lists 50 things that we believe should happen in the next 50 years if we are to protect and restore Scotland’s natural environment.

Natural capital

The Trust is working on natural capital both as organisers of the World Forum on Natural Capital and as founding partners of the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital.



Learn more about the planning system and find out how you can get involved by responding to planning applications.

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