Health and safety is at the heart of everything the Trust does.

We all have a responsibility to ensure nobody comes to harm as a result of the work we do or the way we behave. The primary aim of our health and safety policies, procedures and risk assessments is to equip our army of staff and volunteers to work confidently and safely, while complying with UK and European legislation, as well as industry best practice. Our aim in making all of this information readily available in one central location is to help you to be better informed and work safer.

Below you will find a link to the password-protected health and safety pages of the website. If you are a member of staff or a volunteer and require access to this section of the website, please contact Jim Boyce.

Click here to read our Safeguarding Policy

Health and Safety

Click below and enter the password to access our safety policy standards; activities, office and reserve risk assessments and health and safety training information.

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