The Scottish Wildlife Trust manages over 100 wildlife reserves throughout Scotland, covering more than 17,000 hectares.

We manage our reserves for the benefit of both people and wildlife. Our work is varied, from protecting ospreys to peatland restoration and bringing back Atlantic woodlands at a landscape scale. The majority of work on our reserves is carried out by our dedicated Reserve Project Groups which are made up of committed volunteers who lend their time to help with hands on conservation work.

Visit our reserves

With 90% of the population living within just 10 miles of a Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve, you’re never far away from your next wildlife encounter.

Managing our reserves

Ranging in size, habitat, condition and diversity, our reserves require many different management methods. By demonstrating innovative techniques, we aim to influence other land managers in best practice conservation land management.

Find out more about our reserves policies and management.

Reserve Project Groups

Would you like to get hands on with conservation on one of our reserves?

Our Reserve Project Groups take on much of the day-to-day maintenance of our reserves, from building paths and planting trees, to putting up fences and removing invasive plants.


Conservation grazing

The Trust has pioneered the use of livestock for conservation.

Find out how our sheep, cattle and horses are helping us to maintain a high level of biodiversity on some of the Trust’s reserves.

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