From visiting a reserve, going snorkelling, recording your wildlife sightings to watching our wildlife webcams and videos or attending an event, there are plenty of things that you can do to enjoy wildlife.

Visit our reserves and visitor centres

With over 100 wildlife reserves and three visitor centres, you’re never far away from your next wildlife adventure.

Events and activities

Through our visitor centres, local groups and wildlife watch groups, we run hundreds of events each year.

Watch wildlife online

View one of our wildlife webcams or track where our ospreys have been.

Attract wildlife to your garden

Find out how you can bring wildlife to your doorstep with out top tips on wildlife gardening.

Discover our snorkel trails

Find out what lives beneath the waves on our snorkel trails across Scotland.

Get recording!

Find out how to submit your sightings and help us to build a better picture of what lives on our reserves.

Wildlife Watch

Find out where your nearest Wildlife Watch group is and join in the fun.

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