A note on postal adoptions

Please be advised that while we are still able to process orders, there will be delays in posting out adoption packs and we are currently unable to advise when the next postal date will be. In the meantime, we will provide a digital version in the form of a tailored thank you message and a printable PDF of your personalised certificate, along with links to information pages on our website and details of how to sign up for our exclusive email updates about your chosen species. We thank you for your understanding and support.

Adopt an animal today and protect the species you love.

By adopting an animal, you will be helping to protect these iconic species and Scotland’s precious natural environment for the future.

Our wonderful plastic-free adoption packs also make a thoughtful gift for any nature lover, and include a personalised certificate, a beautiful wooden keyring, a papercraft model of the species, a fact file and much more.

Make a difference to the future of Scotland’s wildlife and adopt an animal today.

Red squirrel adoption pack


Red squirrel


Harbour seal

Garden bumblebee

Last minute gift?

No problem! Download a digital gift certificate after your purchase (for no additional charge) so that you’ll have something special to give as a gift on the day.

Free delivery

Adopt an animal by Direct Debit and we’ll send your adoption pack out at no extra charge.

The items contained within your adoption pack can be bought separately at our Visitor Centre shops at Loch of the Lowes (Dunkeld) and Montrose Basin. For tax purposes, an animal adopter paying £2.50 a month will have donated £25 to support Scotland’s wildlife in their first year; rising to £30 in subsequent years. And the more you donate, the more we can do.

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