From major species and landscape projects to managing wildlife reserves, education work and campaigning for nature, we are protecting Scotland’s wildlife for the future.

Our vision and mission

Find out what the vision of the Scottish Wildlife Trust is and how we plan to achieve it.

Our wildlife reserves

Discover how we manage our reserves, where they are and how you can get involved.

Our projects

From major landscape-scale restoration projects in the Highlands, to species reintroductions – find out more about the projects we’re working on.

Our evidence base

The Trust prides itself on being an evidence-based organisation. Read more about our evidence base.

Our policy and advocacy work

From campaigning for lasting improvements for wildlife to responding to planning applications and consultations, find out more about our policy and advocacy work.

Connecting people with nature

One of core aims is to connect more people with the natural world – find out how we achieve this.

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