Species and habitat data are used to help make management decisions for reserves and target any rare, protected or invasive species.

The Trust commissions surveys and monitoring regimes on a regular basis, but also collects single species observations and site visit lists. To make this valuable data more accessible and make better use of it, species records are entered into a database, Recorder 6 (the national standard recording software).

Improvement of data quality is ongoing, following the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Guidelines and Data Flow Pathway.

Access to our data

We believe in open access to data unless there is a good reason to restrict it. Full details of all the Trust’s species data is made available to both decision-makers and the public on the NBN Atlas, with the exception of records for species listed as sensitive by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), where access is restricted.

These species, such as raptors, badgers and otters, are at risk from public disturbance and such data will only be passed on to approved persons. Species data will also be available to Local Records Centres where they exist for full collation into their systems. For further information, please see our Biodiversity Data Access Policy (currently under revision).

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NBN Atlas Scotland

The NBN Atlas Scotland allows you to view and query data. Here you can view the boundaries and species records we have collected for our reserves. You can also load data from other sources or for specific species.

Site data

In addition to the freely available information on our own sites, we hold data on wildlife sites (non-designated sites of importance to wildlife). Local Records Centres (LRCs) act as custodians for wildlife site data. If you require a sites search, please contact the relevant LRC. For a list of active LRCs, please visit the Biological Recording in Scotland (BRISC) website.

If your area of interest is not covered by an LRC, we have a very limited data requests service. Site searches on specific areas must be undertaken through the Local Authority (local council details can be found on the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) website). If you can provide us with a list of sites of interest (using Site Name and Site Code (grid reference)), we can supply available survey reports, including habitat maps and species list. The cost is £100 per site where the reports exist in electronic format and £100 plus costs where we would have to have these documents scanned. All surveys date from c. 1998-2002. Please contact us for further information.

Reserves boundaries data

Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve boundaries are available to download in GIS format.

Click on the button below to download the zip file.

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