Footage of our badgers!

We recently bought ourselves a trail cam here at the Falls of Clyde. These clever little cameras can record images or videos depending on how they are set up. The

Mind where you step

There are signs of badger activity all over the reserve at the moment. One thing you may want to watch out for are the latrines (toilets) that the badgers use.

Sunshine and showers

This is a phrase we are certainly used to hearing from the weather forecasters this summer. Sometimes it’s just been showers without the sunshine too. A soggy summer has been

Reporting dead badgers

A volunteer recently phoned me about a dead badger she had seen on the side of the road. She thought someone should know about it but didn’t necessarily know who

Stop badgering me!

Over the past few weeks we have been undertaking some rather important work on creating a new badger viewing area. We’ve been watching badgers at the current viewing area for

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