Thar she blows!

With the recent sightings of humpback whales in Aberdeen harbour and off Bangor, Co. Down being reported in the news it got me thinking about an afternoon back in January this year.

Increasing seals…

While Montrose Basin is mainly recognise for its birds there are a number of mammals worth watching out for as well.  The most obvious are the seals.  Likely to be

Fox about town

Some mammals have adapted more readily to urban environments than others, one such species is the fox. I’ve seen them quite a few times recently when heading back out of

Torpor or Hibernation?

Mammals have a high metabolic rate in order to maintain their body temperature and therefore need an effective way of reducing energy costs in winter. Smaller species are especially at

Otter Tracking

On Monday I went out on the reserve in search of signs of otter activity along the river bank. Otters are extremely elusive creatures and although primarily nocturnal, can occasionally

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