Digital transformation within Scotland’s environment sector

We believe that digital transformation can accelerate the speed at which Scottish environment organisations can address the shared challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss.

By collaborating openly on the digital transformation agenda, organisations can become more resilient, efficient and effective at tackling the threats facing our natural world.

Our aims and ambitions

  • To encourage shared learning and innovation that will enable us to scale up our efforts to reverse the loss of biodiversity.
  • To improve how we engage people and organisations in environmental issues, including through citizen science.
  • To increase understanding of the ways in which digital solutions can add value to the environment sector, including through Earth observation and innovative applications of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

“The Sustainable Development Goals lay out the most important challenges we need to address for the sake of people and planet by 2030. […] Digital technology provides part of the answer to these challenges.”

Prof. Jeffery Sachs, President, Sustainable Development Solutions Network

Get involved

Embracing innovative technologies, [briefed by] scientific discovery,
improving operational effectiveness and empowering an informed
public will help us all create a nature-rich future.


How will we do this?

We have created an open shared resource in the form of a wiki that will allow all relevant parties to help develop and benefit from the digital transformation agenda for Scotland’s environment sector.

Why are we using a wiki?

We’ve chosen a wiki for several reasons. Firstly, it’s accessible through government firewalls while many proprietary digital platforms are not. Secondly, it’s more robust and road-tested than many options it and continually evolves. Thirdly, it’s easier for engaging a lot of people and registration is optional. Finally, it’s machine readable by the software used for accessibility needs, driving total inclusivity.

How does the wiki work?

You can immediately start working on developing the wiki – no experience is required and registration is optional. We want you to directly shape these plans by adding your ideas and content to the wiki.

Start collaborating

View the wiki and start collaborating by adding your ideas and content.

Visit the wiki

What's being planned

Seminar with CEOs – of the environment sector, to inspire and call for action (postponed due to Covid-19 from March 2020)

Interactive sharing and learning workshop – with digital leaders in the environment sector, to share learning and best practice (yet to commence)

What's in progress

Digital resource – to capture learning and develop a knowledge base for eNGOs to contribute and tap in to (initiated Feb 2020)

What's been delivered

Concept for digital transformation – as it applies to the environment sector (delivered Nov 2019)

Planning webinar with eNGOs in Scotland – to ensure buy-in and negotiate the agenda (delivered Jan 2020)

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