Safeguarding Scotland’s marine treasures

Scotland’s marine area is vast, making up approximately 60% of UK seas and covering an area six times that of Scotland’s land area.

Our coasts and waters support a rich and diverse array of spectacular wildlife and natural habitats that provide a wealth of benefits to society, from food and jobs to education and inspiration.

Unfortunately, the constant pressure and demands from modern society have led to a decline in the health of Scotland’s seas. To maintain a healthy and productive marine environment we must recognise and rectify the impact human activity has had by implementing effective and sustainable management of our seas. To make real and lasting improvement to the health of the seas it is essential to improve our collective knowledge of the current state of the environment and develop open and constructive dialogue between stakeholders.

The Trust recognises that effective management involves working at both national and local levels. Our Living Seas project focuses on both marine planning and community engagement. We are engaged in a wide range of areas, from North Sea decommissioning to advocating for more sustainable finfish aquaculture. And we are leading on innovative work including the Oceans of Value project.

We are also working to help more people realise the importance of Scotland’s seas. Our growing and award-winning network of snorkel trails is helping local people and visitors discover the amazing life under Scotland’s waves.

The Living Seas project is supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

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Explore Scotland's seas using our interactive map

Use our interactive map to find out where some of Scotland’s marine life hotspots are, as well as the locations of fish farms, the boundaries of our Marine Protected Areas and much more.

Experience life below the waves

Feeling adventurous? Why not discover the diversity of life in Scotland seas by enjoying one of our snorkel trails.

Marine management

These are some of the wide range of marine conservation activities the Trust is involved with.

Oceans of Value

Our Oceans of Value project is taking an innovative approach to the challenge of capturing the range of values that are placed on the marine environment.

Our marine policies and publications

See below for a full list of our marine policies, briefings, consultation responses and other marine-related publications.











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