Get Sett Scotland! is a nationwide programme delivering comprehensive citizen science and community engagement, for the benefit of both badgers and people.

 The charities Scottish Wildlife Trust and Scottish Badgers have partnered up as part of a 3-year Heritage Lottery funded project with the aim to create a nation of badger champions across Scotland.

The Project is committed to being truly inclusive.

We want people of all background and abilities to have opportunities to protect and champion badgers. A dedicated inclusion officer works alongside the project manager to engage with groups of young people, asylum seekers and people facing barriers to employment or volunteering as part of the ‘Get Sett Scotland!’ partnership initiative.

Get involved

We are keen to work with a wide range of people with protected characteristics including minority ethnic groups, LGBTQ+ groups and people with disabilities. We provide support to those that need it and offer dedicated sessions on wildlife surveying, use of trail cameras, practical conservation, bushcraft, wildlife crime awareness, wild wellbeing and more.

For more information please contact:

Inclusion officer, Lyndsay Mark

Programme Manager,  Elaine Rainey

 Or visit the project website: Get involved 

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Learn more about badgers

One of Scotland’s most charismatic mammals, the badger is a member of the mustelid family (the same group as stoats, weasels and otters). An unmistakable animal, badgers are large and grey, with a short fluffy tail, black belly and paws and the familiar black and white-striped face.

Find out more information about what badgers eat, some fun facts and their behaviour : Badgers | Scottish Wildlife Trust. 

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Earn your stripes

Did you know you can still ‘Earn Your Stripes’ – Whether you just want to learn more about wildlife, tracking and how you can help nature or gain valuable skills for your CV, why not up-skill yourself in this online mini course. Created in partnership with The Scottish Wildlife Trust and Scottish Badgers, this self-led training programme has informative videos, activities and resources in topics such as Mammals, conservation, animal tracking and Wildlife Championing. access the course here. Earn Your Stripes | Scottish Wildlife Trust


This project is supported by Scottish Badgers and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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