An alternative to giving money to the Scottish Wildlife Trust can be the donation of shares or securities.

This is one of the most tax-effective ways to give and can make a significant difference to your tax bill. In fact, giving shares can actually cost you less than giving cash!

How does the tax relief work?

There are two types of tax relief that are potentially available when you give shares: Income Tax relief on the value of the shares and exemption from Capital Gains Tax. With the higher rates of income tax at 40% and 50%, and capital gains tax at 18% (or 28% for higher rate tax payers), this can amount to a substantial tax break. Take income tax for example:

Value of
What you
can claim
Total cost
to you
Value to
the Trust
Basic rate taxpayers (20%) £1,000 £200 £800 £1,000
Higher rate taxpayers (40%) £1,000 £400 £600 £1,000
Additional rate taxpayers (45%) £1,000 £500 £500 £1,000
* N.B. Tax rates as of March 2013 and subject to change. Consult HMRC for latest rates.

How do I donate my shares to the Scottish Wildlife Trust?

For a gift of shares valued over £100

Please contact Lucy Graham in our Fundraising Department who will make all the necessary arrangements for your gift and help the transfer go as smoothly as possible. Call 0131 312 4720 or email:

For a gift of shares valued under £100

The administration involved in transferring and selling a small number of shares can sometimes outweigh the financial return. If your shares are worth under £100 and you would like to dispose of them charitably, we recommend donating them to ShareGift, a registered charity who specialise in smallholdings of shares.

Shares donated to ShareGift will be held until they have a sufficient amount to make selling them feasible. Donations to charities after sale are at the discretion of the board of trustees, although they are influenced by suggestions from donors.

To donate a smallholding of shares, call ShareGift on 020 7930 3737 or visit the ShareGift website for more details. Please remember to mention the Scottish Wildlife Trust when making your donation.

Gift of shares in your Will

You can also leave a gift of shares to the Scottish Wildlife Trust in your Will, with these shares being exempt from Inheritance Tax. For further information, visit our legacy section.

Further information about gifting shares

The Scottish Wildlife Trust is unable to advise on personal tax issues and recommends you consult your financial advisor on the specific tax implications of any gift. You can also contact the HMRC helpline on 0845 900 0444 or visit the official HMRC website.

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