We are at a critical moment in the fight to save red squirrels. Their population is under threat.

But, by working together, we can create a sustainable future for red squirrels in Scotland. Securing their future is our long-term commitment.

Your support is crucial if we are to succeed!

We are delighted that project partners including the National Heritage Lottery Fund and NatureScot have risen to this challenge with substantial funding for the next two, crucial, years, from 2022 until 2024. This showed great confidence in our strategy and was fantastic news – however we cannot lose momentum.

Whilst we are heartened to have now had over £1.1m pledged to the project, we are still urgently in need of a final £6,000.


Working together, we can secure a sustainable future for red squirrels in Scotland.



Your gift can help save Scotland’s red squirrels

Will you help save Scotland’s red squirrels?


£535 could pay for one week of expert advice and coordination for farmers and other landowners on the best way to protect red squirrels.

£225 could pay for a trail camera, accessories and protective housing to help monitor squirrel populations.

£70 could pay for a day of processing red sightings from the Great Scottish Squirrel Survey.

£32.50 could pay for a bag of red squirrel feed.

Red Squirrel
© Chas Moonie

To save Scotland’s red squirrels we need your help, please give what you can today.

Every donation will go directly to protecting this much-loved species. Your gift can make the difference and help our ambitious plans to save Scotland’s red squirrels.

Together, we can win the fight to save Scotland’s red squirrels

The UK’s red squirrel population has crashed by 75% since the 1950s; but the good news is that since 2009, the Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels project has been working to halt the decline.

The good news is that our work has now provided firm evidence that the decline can be reversed – by carefully prioritising our activities, we’re starting to see red squirrel populations recover. Reds are returning to areas where they hadn’t been seen for many years including around Duthie and Victoria Parks (Aberdeen), Luss Estate (Balloch) and – most recently – in Dawyck in Tweeddale. Together we are winning the fight to save them, but we can’t afford to lose momentum.

You can play your part in turning around the fortune of one of Scotland’s favourite mammals!

We have a tried and tested plan for the future

It’s hard to find anyone who isn’t enchanted by red squirrels – one of Scotland’s most popular native mammals. Nine out of ten Scots agree – red squirrels help to make our countryside special; but they’re under real threat.

Red squirrel numbers have fallen drastically since the introduction of the larger non-native grey squirrel. Greys are able to out-compete reds for food. Many grey squirrels also carry Squirrelpox – a virus lethal to reds but to which the greys are immune.  Unfortunately, 2019 was a bumper year for beech seed – a favourite food for grey squirrels – and their numbers surged just as our expert controllers were locked down by the pandemic.

We must now regain the ground lost, support our vital volunteer groups and solidify plans to embed our tried-and-tested approach for the long term.

Slowly but surely, we’re combatting the threat posed by the non-native grey squirrel. The experience gained by staff and volunteers has fed into a concrete plan of action that we are confident can secure the future of red squirrels in Scotland.

Thank you for helping to protect these special animals.

To find out more about the project and how you can get involved, visit the project website.

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