A decade of protecting and restoring Scotland’s ecosystems

2021 marks a crucial year for nature: the year when the UK hosts the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), and the year that the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration begins.

It seems timely that these two events are taking place when Scotland is facing its most serious climate and biodiversity crises to date. Our natural world needs our help more than ever. Whole ecosystems are at risk. Weather patterns are shifting, seasons altering and habitats disappearing.

In response to this, and to ensure we are in the strongest possible position to rise to the challenges ahead, we have established the Scottish Wildlife Trust Resilience Fund.

The Resilience Fund will focus on three areas:

  • Ensure climate resilience
    Our planet is warming at a faster rate than any other time over the last 10,000 years. Climate change is impacting how we manage our reserves, and we must adapt, protect and future proof our reserve to protect them and the wildlife that depend upon them.
  • Build connections and increase diversity
    People are happier and healthier when they connect with nature. Simply spending time outdoors brings a host of benefits to our physical and mental health. We want to make nature available to everyone, regardless of age or background. By removing barriers to connecting with wildlife, we can build healthier, happier communities.
  • Promote nature-based solutions
    Nature plays a pivotal role in combatting the challenges we face. Whilst continuing to advocate at a government level, we will also champion these solutions through our work in protecting woodlands, nurturing meadows and restoring peatlands.

Yes, I would like to support the Resilience Fund

There has never been a more urgent time to restore and protect our natural world.

With your help, we can help combat climate change, protect vulnerable species and create more resilient wild places.

Please donate today and help us prepare for the challenges ahead.


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