Scotland’s woodlands are at risk

Some 5,000 years ago, Scotland’s native woodland extended from the Borders to Shetland and the Western Isles. Today, woodlands cover just 18.5% of Scotland’s landscape.

Woodlands provide food and shelter for thousands of plants and animals, and support more invertebrates than any other habitat. Concerningly, threats from climate change, disease and invasive species now threaten our woodlands, and the wildlife which rely upon them for survival.

Will you help protect native woodlands?

Almost half of our 116 wildlife reserves include woodland habitats – we protect thousands of hectares of woodland across Scotland. Our reserves team work to remove invasive plants such as bracken, and selectively fell diseased or dangerous trees. Wherever possible, we manage our woodlands to encourage natural regeneration. However, sometimes, natural regeneration is not enough. Over the coming year we hope to plant, stake and protect around 10,000 trees at sites such as Ballagan Glen, Cumbernauld and Loch Ardinning.

We need woodlands more than ever

Scotland’s forests and woodlands are home to 172 protected species including pine martens, Scottish crossbills, black grouse, capercaillies and an impressive 75% of the UK’s red squirrel population. But it’s not just wildlife that rely upon woodlands. Research shows that humans are happier and healthier when surrounded by nature – simply spending time outdoors brings a host of benefits for our physical and mental health.

By protecting, conserving and expanding native woodlands, we can create more resilient landscapes for wildlife and humans alike.

To do this, we need your help. Please donate today.

Yes, I would like to help our wild woodlands!

Please help protect our native woodlands and the wildlife that rely upon them for survival.

Every donation, big or small, will go directly towards protecting this critical habitat.

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