We urgently need your support to help protect the peatland reserves we manage for wildlife

Peatlands store twice as much carbon as all of the world’s forests.

They also provide food and shelter for a multitude of rare and threatened species.

They purify our drinking water, and protect us from flooding.

But they are facing challenges like never before.

To lose our Peatlands would be disastrous for people and wildlife alike. Once they are gone, they cannot be saved. We must act now to restore and protect Scottish peatlands.

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Together, we can protect Scotland’s peatlands, before it’s too late

Why are peatlands important?

Peatlands are a precious habitat, providing food and shelter to plants and insects, important breeding sites for birds and vital basking sites for reptiles.

As the largest terrestrial carbon stores on earth, peatlands store twice as much carbon as all the world’s forests.

Healthy peatlands slow the flow of water – reducing the risk of flooding, limiting the spread of wildfires and providing fresh drinking water.

When damaged, they cannot do any of these things, and release thousands of tonnes of carbon back in to the atmosphere.

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Help us restore damaged peatlands, before it’s too late

Assisted by our fantastic volunteers, our reserves team manage a range of peatlands across the country including 12 lowland raised peat bogs which are among the rarest and most threatened habitats in Scotland and Europe.

From regularly altering and repairing dams and bunds, to monitoring water levels and vegetation, costly day-to-day management is required to ensure our peatlands remain healthy, nurturing ecosystems.

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Help protect and conserve peatlands today

Peatlands protect people and wildlife alike.

Please donate today to help restore some of Scotland’s most threatened habitats.

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