Scotland’s river woodlands need you

Scotland’s rivers and streams cover an impressive 125,000kms (12.5 times the length of our coastline). Yet, concerningly, a recent riverside habitats survey, conducted by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, found that 56% were of ‘poor’ quality, with little to no river woodland cover.

River woodlands, also known as “riparian” woodlands, protect us against flood damage, capture carbon and provide havens for wildlife. They conserve Scotland’s delicate biodiversity, purify our water and lessen the impact of drought on our crops and drinking water.

But after years of neglect, these special woodlands are facing unprecedented threats which could hold catastrophic consequences.

In response to this, “Riverwoods” was created: a partnership initiative designed to grow and restore healthy riparian woodlands and river systems across Scotland.


Help restore Scotland’s riparian woodlands

Your donation could provide a lifeline.

£275 could pay for native saplings and planting materials

£195 could pay for personal protective equipment and tools

£100 could pay for deer fencing to protect trees from damage

£40 could pay for tree guards to protect saplings as they grow

One donation, double the difference

We are delighted to confirm that one of our Major Donors has pledged an outstanding £50,000 in match funding for this appeal.

This means that every £1 you donate to Riverwoods will be matched by them, unlocking up to  £100,000 for riparian woodlands.

The impact which this could have for wildlife and Scottish communities is huge.

Will you donate to our match fund appeal today, and make double the difference for Scotland’s river woodlands?

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