Scotland’s species-rich grasslands have declined dramatically in recent decades.

Wildflower meadows are amongst the most threatened wildlife habitats in the country. It is thought that only around 10,000 hectares remain – that’s a tiny 0.14% of Scotland’s total land area.

Our Flying Flock are helping reverse the damage

For 20 years, the Scottish Wildlife Trust has successfully been using our very own sheep and cattle – known affectionately as the “Flying Flock” – to help restore and enhance some of Scotland’s most threatened habitats.

From wildflower meadows to lowland peatlands, our sheep and cattle munch their way through invasive species, allowing more vulnerable species to thrive. As rarer plants return, such as the vanilla scented greater butterfly orchid, the bees and other pollinators which rely upon them for food and shelter, and the birds and mammals which in turn feed upon them, can begin to thrive – ecosystems become healthy and restored.

Conservation grazing is a costly operation: we need over £55,000 each year to manage and maintain the programme. We need your help to keep our conservation grazing programme active.


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Support the Flying Flock today

The first flock of its kind in Scotland, the Flying Flock has encouraged environmental charities, landowners and government agencies to use this type of grazing.

Please donate today and help some of Scotland’s most threatened habitats.

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