Donating the proceeds from single-use carrier bag charges to the Scottish Wildlife Trust is a double bonus for nature!

The Scottish Parliament passed legislation requiring all retailers (food and non-food) to charge a minimum of 5p for each new single-use carrier bag (including paper, those made from some plant-based materials and plastic) from 20 October 2014. The aim is to encourage bag re-use, and reduce the visible impact of litter and the negative effects it can have on our wildlife.

The good news is that it seems to be working! Records for supermarkets indicate a 90% fall in the use of single-use bags across the UK since charging was introduced.

The net proceeds of the charge belong to your business however, the Scottish Government is keen to see these donated to good causes which you can allocate at your own discretion.

Why choose the Scottish Wildlife Trust?

By donating the proceeds of the charge to the Scottish Wildlife Trust, your business supports the environment in Scotland.

If you would like to discuss how your company might be able to donate the proceeds of the carrier bag charge to the Scottish Wildlife Trust, please contact us at

Further information for Scottish retailers to help them understand their legal requirements under the regulations can be found by visiting the Zero Waste Scotland website.

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