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Addiewell Bing

To the north of West Calder lies this former oil-shale bing, which now supports valuable wildlife habitat, including woodland, scrub and

Auchalton Meadow

This orchid-rich grassland is on the site of 19th Century lime workings. Kilns, spoil mounds, tracks and a small quarry can

Ayr Gorge Woodlands

The Ayr Gorge Woodlands reserve is a steep ravine of sandstone cliffs covered mainly with oak, ash and some very

Balgavies Loch

Balgavies Loch has long been recognised by naturalists as an important site for wildlife. This inland loch is surrounded by reedbeds

Ballachuan Hazelwood

Ballachuan Hazelwood cloaks a low ridge overlooking Cuan Sound and supports a large number of lichen, bryophytes and fungi. The wetland

Balnaguard Glen

Balnaguard Glen follows a steep-sided gorge cut by the Balnaguard Burn and offers spectacular views across rolling Perthshire hills. It

Bankhead Moss

Bankhead Moss is a small raised bog, an uncommon habitat in this part of Scotland. There is an area of woodland

Barnyards Marsh

This small and fascinating wetland reserve has a range of vegetation types, including reed canary grass, sedges and mosses. Reed

Bawsinch and Duddingston

Duddingston Loch is the only example of a natural freshwater loch in the City of Edinburgh. It is an important

Belmaduthy Dam

Belmaduthy Dam is a good example of wet lowland heath and mire mosaic, with lime-rich flushes providing conditions suitable for a

Bemersyde Moss

This reserve near the River Tweed is a long, narrow strip of marsh, willow scrub and open water that is

Ben Mor Coigach

Ben Mor Coigach dominates the landscape north of Ullapool. Covering over 6,000 hectares, it is the Trust’s largest reserve and

Blackcraig Wood

Blackcraig Wood is a rich woodland of oak, birch, ash and wych elm clinging to a sea cliff. Buzzards soar

Bo’mains Meadow

This reserve has two meadows: the northern meadow, which was a former reservoir that has been filled in, and the

Brock Wood

Brock Wood, located 3 miles south of Dunbar, is a mixed woodland. Non-native trees, which were originally planted for timber, are gradually being removed

Cambus Pools

Cambus Pools is a wetland reserve with reedbeds, grassland and open water attracting waders, warblers and wildfowl. The reserve is located

Carlingnose Point

Carlingnose Point is an attractive, species-rich grassland that supports rare plant species, including dropwort and field gentian. The dense gorse

Carron Dam

Carron Dam is a partially drained reservoir with wetland, rich fen and deciduous woodland. Specialised plants such as gypsywort, remote

Carron Glen


Carsegowan Moss

Carsegowan Moss is one of the best examples of a lowland raised peat bog in Galloway. Cranberry and bog rosemary

Carstramon Wood

Carstramon Wood is one of the largest semi-natural broadleaved woodlands in the area. The oak trees were once used for

Cathkin Marsh

Cathkin Marsh is a beautiful area of fen and marshy grassland. It is home to many birds, including snipe, water

Corsehillmuir Wood

Corsehillmuir Wood is a natural woodland in the pastoral countryside beside Kilwinning. The canopy of mature birch, ash and willow shelters


PUBLIC NOTICE: Access to Cullaloe car park will be closed from Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th February to carry out

Cumbernauld Glen

The ancient woodland of Cumbernauld Glen is a haven for wildlife and also provides an important, relaxing environment for local

Dalmellington Moss

Dalmellington Moss is a raised bog on the floodplain of the River Doon. Hummocks of heather and deergrass are interspersed

Drummains Reedbed

Coastal reedbed, saltmarsh and mudflats with wildfowl and waders on the Solway Firth. The reserve is part of the Solway

Dumbarnie Links

Lime-rich dune grassland is an increasingly rare habitat on the east of Scotland. Such conditions make Dumbarnie Links an important

Erraid Wood

Erraid Wood is situated on the north east edge of the Pentland Hills, and offers stunning views across East Lothian and

Falls of Clyde

This reserve is famous for its spectacular waterfalls, historic visitors and scenic woodland walks. Over 100 bird species have been recorded including

Feoch Meadows

Feoch Meadows is a mosaic of dry and wet grassland, fen meadow and mire. There is an orchid-rich area in

Fleecefaulds Meadow

Fleecefaulds Meadow is a mosaic of species-rich grassland, fen meadow and scrub woodland. In summer, the colourful display of wildflowers,

Forest Wood

Forest Wood is on the southern edge of Cumbernauld. It consists mainly of plantation woodland, with small areas of lowland peat

Fountainbleau Ladypark

Situated on the site of the old Black Loch and within walking distance of Dumfries, Fountainbleau Ladypark is a low-lying

Gailes Marsh

Gailes Marsh features dry coastal grassland, marshland and a pond, all sheltered by mixed woodland. The species-rich grassland attracts many

Garnock Floods

Garnock Floods is a low-lying floodplain pasture with shallow pools and marshy areas. The reserve is grazed by cattle to

Garrion Gill

Garrion Gill is a small ancient woodland reserve clinging to the steep sides of the Garrion Burn. The woodland canopy and

Gight Wood

Gight Wood, on the slopes of the River Ythan, is one of the last remnants of ancient woodland in Aberdeenshire.

Glen Moss

Glen Moss has areas of marshland, woodland and wet heath with open water and sheltered, shallow pools. It is a natural haven

Gordon Moss

Gordon Moss is a birch woodland growing on an area of peatland. Orchids and other wild flowers flourish in these conditions.

Grey Hill Grasslands

The ultra-basic serpentinite rock foundation makes this reserve a botanical hotspot. Species-rich grassland, heath and mire support many rare plants, including

Hadfast Valley

Hadfast Valley has areas of scrub, grassland and broadleaved woodland, providing a home to many bird species. During the summer,

Handa Island

Each spring, tens of thousands of seabirds migrate to the magnificent Torridonian sandstone cliffs that rise from the Atlantic on

Hare and Dunhog Mosses

Located 2 miles south of Selkirk, Hare Moss has an area of open water that attracts wildfowl throughout the year. The

Hermand Birchwood

Hermand Birchwood is an important area of birch woodland growing on the remnants of a raised bog. Blaeberry, heather and

Hill of White Hamars

This Orkney reserve has impressive coastal features, including cliffs, numerous caves, natural arches, stacks and large blowholes. Narrow inlets provide

Hoselaw Loch and Din Moss

Hoselaw Loch is a shallow, naturally nutrient-rich loch. Towards the south west end of the loch is Din Moss, one

Isle of Eigg

The community owned Isle of Eigg is a diverse island with coastal land, farmland, willow and hazel scrub, native woodland,

Johnston Terrace Garden

The Trust’s smallest reserve is located in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, near to Edinburgh Castle. It demonstrates how a


The beautiful wildflower meadow of Keltneyburn attracts a kaleidoscope of butterflies including common blue, and the day-flying chimney sweeper moth

Knockshinnoch Lagoons

The open water, islands, marshland, reedbeds and willow carr make this reserve important for birdlife in the Nith Valley. Migrant

Knowetop Lochs

Knowetop Lochs is a small, diverse upland reserve. Two small lochs are separated by a ridge of birch woodland fringed by


This large, diverse reserve consists of bog and heath, with patches of acid grassland and native woodland. The 4-mile coastal strip

Lawthorn Wood

Lawthorn Wood is a small, mature deciduous woodland on the edge of Irvine. The tall canopy is mainly made up of

Linhouse Glen

Situated south of Livingston, Linhouse Glen has a mixture of habitats, including heathland, native woodland on steep narrow slopes and

Linn Dean

Linn Dean is a steep-sided glen with an area of flower-rich grassland. In spring, skylarks can be seen calling as

Loch Ardinning

Loch Ardinning is a picturesque wildlife haven with areas of wetland, woodland and moorland. Mature willow, birch and alder thrive

Loch Libo

Loch Libo is a long, shallow freshwater loch with aspen growing in the shallow waters and a hillside cloaked in

Loch of Lintrathen

This beautiful inland loch is a reservoir for Angus and Dundee. During the summer, the area is home to breeding

Loch of the Lowes

Welcome to Loch of the Lowes Visitor Centre and Wildlife Reserve near Dunkeld. Our reserve covers 130 hectares including woodland,

Longhaven Cliffs

With pink-red granite cliffs rising out of the sea, Longhaven Cliffs offers spectacular views of seabird colonies and natural features

Longridge Moss

Longridge Moss is an important lowland raised bog with a range of plants adapted to the wet, acidic conditions, including Sphagnum

Lower Nethan Gorge

Lower Nethan Gorge reserve is one of the best examples of semi-natural woodland still surviving in the Clyde Valley. Rich ash

Luggiebank Wood

Luggiebank Wood has grassland, scrub and riverside woodland habitats. Alder and birch cover has allowed a rich and diverse ground

Milkhall Pond

Milkhall Pond consists of an old reservoir and a network of smaller ponds. This open water provides important habitat for aquatic

Oldhall Ponds

The Oldhall Ponds reserve is a mosaic of willow carr, semi-mature planted woodland and tussocky grassland. The ponds have open water

Pease Dean

Pease Dean is a beautiful, ancient semi-natural woodland. Ferns, mosses and liverworts thrive in these wet, sheltered deans. In spring

Pepper Wood

Pepper Wood, situated north east of Kirkliston, is a small area of broadleaved woodland containing ash, oak and wych elm

Perceton Wood

This long-established plantation originated as part of the nearby Perceton House estate. The old trees provide crevices for birds and


Petershill is located to the north east of Bathgate. It was a limestone quarry during the 18th Century and converted into

Possil Marsh

Possil Marsh has a shallow freshwater loch surrounded by marsh, swamp and fen, with areas of willow scrub and grassland.

Rahoy Hills

The Rahoy Hills lie in remote and mountainous land in the Morvern peninsula, encompassing a variety of habitats from windswept

Red Moss of Balerno

Red Moss of Balerno, on the edge of the Pentland Hills, is the only raised bog in the City of

Red Moss of Netherley

Red Moss of Netherley is a mosaic of fen, marsh and woodland habitats and is one of the best examples

Roslin Glen

Situated a short distance from Roslin, this reserve is a semi-natural ancient woodland of oak, ash, hazel, cherry and hawthorn

Seafar Wood

Seafar Wood is a relatively young strip of woodland west of Cumbernauld Village. The woodland habitat is still developing and clusters of

Seaton Cliffs

Seaton Cliffs has spectacular red sandstone cliffs with numerous sea caves, stacks, blowholes and arches. The cliffs support a mosaic

Shewalton Sandpits

Fashioned out of disused sand and gravel pits in the 1980s, the sand banks, ponds, woodland and riverbank are now

Shewalton Wood

With its woodland, grassland and wetland areas, this reserve hosts small mammals, amphibians and songbirds, which attract birds of prey

Shian Wood

An ancient wet semi-natural woodland. Shian Wood stands on a low, flattened ridge jutting out of Loch Creran. In spring,

Sourlie Wood

Sourlie Wood is an attractive native woodland that has developed on a derelict coal yard. There is a small area

Southwick Coast

Southwick Coast is a stretch of coastline with wooded cliffs and extensive saltmarsh. A viewpoint in the meadow provides breathtaking views

Spey Bay

Spey Bay is a beautiful coastal reserve with the largest shingle beach in Scotland. Constant changes caused by the river create

Stenhouse Wood

Stenhouse Wood is an ancient deciduous woodland of ash, wych elm and oak lining the side of Shinnel Glen. The ground

Tailend Moss

Tailend Moss is a lowland raised bog composed of deep peat that has accumulated over thousands of years. It is an


Talich is one of the largest remaining areas of alder wood in Easter Ross. A rich grassland flora can be found

The Miley

The Miley is part of a disused railway within walking distance of Dundee city centre. It was originally an impassable,

Thornton Glen

This steep, narrow gorge is lined with a broadleaved woodland of ash, elm and oak, and a ground flora of

Tummel Shingle Islands

Tummel Shingle Islands reserve is one of the rarest habitats to be found in the UK – freshwater shingle. The shingle

Upper Nethan Gorge

Upper Nethan Gorge is a gorge carved by the River Nethan. This peaceful ancient woodland supports a huge range of

Wallacebank Wood

Wallacebank Wood is an ancient semi-natural wood with oak, Scots pine, beech and larch, and an understorey of alder, holly, hazel

West Quarry Braes

West Quarry Braes is an important woodland and scrub habitat in an otherwise arable landscape. Willow and elder scrub, along

Whitlaw Wood

Situated on steep slopes next to the Slitrig Water, Whitlaw Wood comprises native ash, elm and hazel woodland with a

Woodhall Dean

Woodhall Dean, on the edge of the Lammermuir Hills, is an ancient semi-natural woodland dominated by sessile oak. Five thousand

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