Loch Libo

Loch Libo is a long, shallow freshwater loch with aspen growing in the shallow waters and a hillside cloaked in mature sycamore and ash woodland. Rare plants such as cowbane, water parsnip and greater tussock-sedge grow along the shore and there are also signs of otters and water voles.

Why visit?

Highlights include:

  • Scenic loch
  • Rare plants
  • Water & woodland birds
  • Short woodland walk

Best time to visit?

  • Spring/summer for water plants
  • Spring/summer for birds
  • Autumn/winter for waterfowl and fungi

Visit for:

  • birdwatching
  • woodlands

Other information

The loch attracts waterfowl during the winter months.


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How to get there


The reserve is located next to the town of Uplawmoor, about 4.5 miles south west of Barrhead on the A736. Approached from Barrhead, the reserve is on the right about 0.6 miles after Shillford. Park in the layby.

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Getting onto the reserve

This reserve is accessed from the busy A736 via a gated level crossing over an operational railway line. The crossing should be approached and used with care. There are no surfaced paths on this reserve.

Access restrictions

The footpaths on this reserve can be muddy, even during the summer months.
Fishing is by permit only.
Please do not take paddleboards, canoes or boats onto the loch.

Nearest town
Uplawmoor (1 mi / 1.6 km)
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What to look for and when

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About Loch Libo

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