A Web of Mysteries!

Over the last few weeks I have been observing the wildlife living next to the river. While walking along the boardwalk I noticed that a few of the trees along

A Damsel In Distress?

Continuing on with my pond and insect themed blogs, I went down to the tree nursery again this week and spotted another visitor to the pond there. This time he

A Galling Subject!

With summer here all the trees are covered with healthy greenery, including the many oak trees up on the reserve. However, if you look closely you may be able to

A splash of colour

With the summer heat finally here and the woodlands full of the flowering trees and plants, it is the perfect time to see butterflies out on the reserve! These brightly

Underwater predator!

One of my favourite spots on the reserve is the tree nursery, especially the small pond which is home to many a frog or pond snail. However while I was

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