Pink-footed Goose FAQ

We’re right in the midst of pink-footed goose season at Montrose Basin now, and we’ve been so busy (with geese and visitors) that we haven’t had a chance to keep our

A Morning Of Moths

One of the perks of my seasonal role here at Montrose Basin Visitor Centre is the people I meet and the wealth of knowledge they have regarding various topics and

Montrose Basin Fledglings

At 5:46pm on 23 May, Loch of the Lowes welcomed their third and final osprey hatchling of the season. Whilst we may not have these spectacular pescatarian raptors nesting on

Working At Montrose Basin

Only a few months ago, I became an employee for the Scottish Wildlife Trust here at Montrose Basin Visitor Centre. I am on a six-month placement Kickstart scheme until December. 

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