Tailend Moss

Tailend Moss is a lowland raised bog composed of deep peat that has accumulated over thousands of years. It is an important site for damselflies, dragonflies and peatland plants, such as bog asphodel, cranberry and sundews.

A path leads into the reserve and along its northern edge.

Small heath © T Norman Tait

Why visit?

  • Dragonflies and damselflies
  • Peatland plants

Best time to visit?

  • Jun to Aug for dragonflies

Visit for:

  • Peatlands
  • Wildflowers
  • Birdwatching


Take the M8 west from Edinburgh and exit at Junction 3a. At the first roundabout, go straight (east) on the A779, taking the first exit to Starlaw Park at the next roundabout. When you come to a T-junction, turn right and follow the road round the industrial estate. Park on the side of this road.

Getting onto the reserve

A path opposite Macraes Seafood Factory leads to Tailend Moss - you should be able to spot a wooden footpath sign that will guide you. Follow this path for a short distance north before turning left (west), and then proceed along this path to the access point into the reserve. The footpath leads into the reserve and along the northern edge of Tailend Moss.

Getting round this reserve

There is a path that runs through the reserve. Please note that the path can be wet, especially after heavy rainfall, and appropriate footwear should be worn. Care should also be taken near the ponds. It is recommended that visitors stay on the path due to the wet, soft and uneven ground found on Tailend Moss.


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