The Scottish Wildlife Trust integrates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations across its investment process.

In line with our Investment Policy, the Trust ensures all its investments demonstrably meet ESG credentials with a particular emphasis on environmental issues. Furthermore, to demonstrate alignment between investments and the values and activities of the Trust.

We ensure our fund managers have high standards and robust procedures in place to ensure that all funds held on behalf of the Trust are invested in products which demonstrably meet strong ESG credentials. Investment managers are expected to effectively use client share votes to positively challenge management and proactively influence ESG outcomes.

Specific restrictions include avoiding certain types of companies including those involved in fossil fuel extraction, production and distribution, those known to test products on animals for cosmetic purposes, those involved with the production of harmful pesticides or those who have a direct conflict with the Trust’s vision, mission and values, such as those having a significant negative impact on the world’s forests, wetlands, marine and other important habitats. We will also seek to avoid investing in companies that do not have a sustainable procurement policy.

In addition, there is an expectation that fund managers will proactively search for investments that are involved in activity that will have a positive environmental impact.

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