The Trust has around 100 salaried staff, split between our headquarters in Edinburgh, a number of smaller regional offices, and our four visitor centres (in New Lanark, Dunkeld, Montrose and Grangemouth).

The management team and senior management team are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Trust. Find out more about each member of the team below.

The senior management team comprises:

Jonny Hughes
Chief Executive

Jonathan (Jonny) is the Chief Executive of the Trust and as such has overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of the charity. Jonny is also an elected global Councillor of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the world’s oldest and largest conservation organisation. Since being fascinated by wildlife from the age of four, Jonny has devoted his life to helping create a world where nature and people prosper together. Throughout his career he has pioneered new ideas in nature conservation, challenged received wisdom and focused on turning words into action.

In 2013, Jonny co-founded the World Forum on Natural Capital, a global initiative led by the Scottish Wildlife Trust in partnership with United Nations Environment, IUCN, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the Natural Capital Coalition.

Jonny is a non-Executive Director of Corrour Estate, board member of the government agency Architecture and Design Scotland and an Honorary Fellow at the University of Edinburgh.

In his spare time, Jonny enjoys getting out in the wilds to pursue his interest in natural history.

Susan McKenzie
Director of Finance & Resources

Susan is the Trust’s Company Secretary and is responsible for all aspects of planning and managing the Trust’s accounts. She also has responsibility for fundraising, membership, information technology, human resources and facilities.

Jo Pike
Director of Public Affairs

Jo has strategic oversight of policy and advocacy work, including the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital; marketing and communications; and public engagement through visitor centres, events, education and volunteering. Jo is also the Project Director of the World Forum on Natural Capital.

The management team also includes:

Alan Anderson
Head of Reserves

Alan line-manages eight Reserves Managers; ensures work is undertaken on our wildlife reserves in accordance with the Council’s priorities; develops externally funded reserve projects; co-ordinates the delivery of Living Landscape programmes and other major reserve operations; and ensures our reserves are promoted to the public.

Catherine Douglas
Human Resources Manager

Catherine provides support and advice in HR policies and procedures such as recruitment, capability and appraisals. She also supports the Finance team in payroll and staff benefits, administers the Stakeholder Pension scheme and is Trustee of the Trust’s Group Life Assurance scheme.

Lucy Graham
Head of Development

Lucy heads up the fundraising and membership teams and is responsible for securing, retaining and enhancing financial support from grant-makers, businesses and individuals. Lucy has lead responsibility for the Trust’s fundraising strategy and provides support to staff in the development of projects.

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