Swanning About

Montrose Basin Nature Reserve is a great place to see large numbers of Mute Swans throughout the year.  But this hasn’t always been the case, so why do they gather

Webcams and Power Problems

Our sincere apologies for our Webcams going down over Christmas- we have lost power at the reserve and are waiting for an electrician today to try to get in sorted.

Advent Calendar – Day 24

Fraser is another valued member of our Tuesday volunteer team and has helped out on site for a few years. Here he shares some highlights from working with the Falls

Advent Calendar – Day 23

Lin Barr, a member of our Tuesday volunteer group, Shares some highlights from the reserve this year. “This year it has been amazing working at the Falls of Clyde, even

Advent Calendar – Day 22

Jim Mitchell, another of your hard working Tuesday conservation volunteers, shares his highlights from helping at the Falls of Clyde: “During my time as a volunteer on the reserve I

Advent Calendar – Day 21

Alan Patrick is one of our visitor centre volunteers who some of you may have met while visiting the reserve. Here he recalls some of his highlights from working with

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