Moth Madness – 25th August

Come and join our ranger team in taking a closer look at moths: The mysterious visitors in the night.  Many people are afraid of moths or just annoyed with them

A carpet in the woods

Many of the creatures that call the reserve home only venture out once the sun has gone down. Getting an opportunity to see these creatures can be tricky. With some

Size does count

There are about 2 500 species of moth in Britain, compared to only 70 species of butterfly. To make identifying them slightly easier, moths are split in to two categories:

Moth madness

Some of the trees on the reserve look like they are undergoing a spider infestation. These cobweb like structures are actually where moth eggs are laid and hatch out to

A transformation

In July I blogged about the moth eggs and caterpillars that were decorating the trees with cobweb like creches. Well now the caterpillars have pupated and all over the reserve

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