Wigs and porcelain

As Alex mentioned a wee while ago, fungi has become rather abundant on the reserve and now is a great time to go out and spot it. We’ve had such

Fantastic Fungi

As summer is steadily drawing to a close and the first signs of Autumn start to show themselves around the reserve, walking around the reserve is made all the more

Frost Beard!

While walking through the reserve this week I had spotted several clumps of what like like white silky hair growing out of dead wood, both on trees and on the

Autumn Antlers

Autumn is a great time to see fungi on the reserve like this Yellow Stagshorn (Calocera viscosa) which loves the soil of conifer woodland especially around tree stumps or fallen

Likin’ the lichen

Lichen can be found in a huge variety of places, from rocks and tree trunks, to volcanoes and arctic tundra. But what is it? Is it a plant, fungus or

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