Balgavies Loch

Balgavies Loch has long been recognised by naturalists as an important site for wildlife. This inland loch is surrounded by reedbeds and willow carr, attracting water rail, great crested grebe and a number of wintering wildfowl, including goldeneye, teal and widgeon. The reserve is a haven for red squirrel.

Tufted loosestrife and coral root orchid can be found in the woodland and grassland areas.

Swallow © Darin Smith

Why visit?

  • Varied selection of wildflowers
  • Wide range of wild and waterfowl
  • Many breeding songbirds
  • Circular path around the reserve

Best time to visit?

  • Apr to Jul for flowers
  • Apr to Jul for breeding birds
  • Oct to Mar for wildfowl

Visit for:

  • Wildflowers
  • Woodlands
  • Birdwatching


Balgavies Loch lies north of the A932, 4 miles east of Forfar.

Getting onto the reserve

Access can be gained from the signposted viewpoint on the northern side of the A932. Access to the car park is a few hundred metres to the west of the viewpoint. The hide is located approximately 50 metres from the car park.

Getting round this reserve

The reserve is wheelchair accessible from the car park to the old railway station.

Please be aware that cattle graze parts of the reserve at certain times of the year.


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