The Birds of Eigg


The Birds of Eigg – a lovely illustrated book, researched and written by John ‘the bird’ Chester and friends – is a scientific wonder as well as a touching tribute to John, who has been the warden on the Trust's Isle of Eigg Wildlife Reserve since 1986. The book features over 30 beautiful illustrations by artist Ben Cormack, plus a number of high quality photographs of the island.

This is a fantastic book for wildlife lovers and the perfect gift to inspire a visit to the green island in the sea of the Hebrides.

“This charming, informative book will inspire birder and non-birder alike to pause, take stock, look and listen, for, as John reveals, Eigg is an island of astonishing diversity in both its habitats and its species. Read this book – take it out on your walks around the island – and there is a danger that, like John, you will never leave.” (Kate Humble)

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Author: John Chester

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust, 2013

ISBN: 978-1782800538

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