Woodland and forests are great at absorbing carbon as they grow, keeping it locked up for hundreds of years. They help reduce flooding and improve our resilience to drought, while also providing homes for wildlife.

Expansion of woodland is impacted by grazing, disease and invasive species. We need to ensure the right tree is planted or growing in the right place and that the trees are managed appropriately so Scottish woodlands and forests can flourish.

Nature-based solutions in action


Riverwoods is an ambitious initiative to create a network of thriving riverbank woodlands and healthy river systems across the whole of Scotland.

Tree Nursery

The Trust’s Little Assynt Tree Nursery produces trees and shrubs from native stock, to be used in native woodland planting schemes as part of our Coigach & Assynt Living Landscape initiative and for use elsewhere in the North-West Highlands.

Woodlands and forests resources

Discover the best available resources demonstrating the benefits, challenges and best practice for woodland and forests as nature-based solutions.

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