Wildlife Village 10 December 2010

Update on Shirley’s Book:  It has just arrived at the centre, we will get them ready for posting early next week.

Blog info: We will be going back to a fully moderated blog for the moment.

A Big Thank You!

Good morning everyone!  I wanted to bring you all a heart-felt message today, from both myself and all of the staff working to protect Scotland’s wildlife on behalf of our charity.

Last Thursday, as most of you are aware, we launched a new registration process for the blog.  We realise that some of you initially experienced problems trying to register and access the blog, or felt unsure and even angry about the changes.  We would like to send our apologies to those of you who felt this way.  This was in no way our intention.  We did post an alert which we hoped would let all our bloggers know that this change was coming and tried to manage it as best as we could, drawing on the expertise of IT specialists at various points.  Unfortunately we did experience some unexpected complications (some of which resulted from the fact that we didn’t want to take down the blog so we could test any changes before they were implemented).  We hope that these problems have mostly been ironed out now and that our blog and its moderation is now back to normal.  If anyone else is experiencing problems please report your error here http://www.swt.org.uk/info/contact-us/blog-error-report/.  We will get back to you as soon as we can.

We know and appreciate that many of our blog users are not only passionate about wildlife but have developed a close connection with the community of support we now have on the blog.  We’d like to thank you all for your support, enthusiasm, and dedication to Scotland’s wildlife, the Scottish Wildlife Trust, and each other.

Through this blog, which has grown from its initial focus on the resident breeding ospreys at Loch of the Lowes, we aim to bring together like-minded people who love wildlife and wish to share their passion with the world. We want this to be a safe and respectful place, filled with enthusiastic and relevant comments.  Please respect other bloggers and the contributors to the blog, and use the blog as it is meant to be used.

Please also be assured that we do our utmost to provide as high a quality service as possible when it comes to managing the osprey blog – technology is changing rapidly every day and sometimes we are learning alongside you as we look for the best solutions.

Thank you bloggers for sticking with us!  We greatly appreciate your continued support.

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Update on Shirley’s Book:  It has just arrived at the centre, we will get them ready for posting early next week. Blog info: We will be going back to a …

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