Dalmellington Moss

Dalmellington Moss is a raised bog on the floodplain of the River Doon. Hummocks of heather and deergrass are interspersed with waterlogged hollows full of Sphagnum mosses and cottongrass, allowing beetles, moths and dragonflies to thrive in these conditions.

Specialised bog plants, such as bog rosemary, rare sundews and white beak-sedge do well in these conditions.


Curlew © Darin Smith

Why visit?

  • Raised bog
  • Rare plants
  • Abundant insects

Best time to visit?

  • Summer for plants and insects
  • All year round for peatland

Visit for:

  • Peatlands
  • Birdwatching


The reserve can be found on the A713 between Ayr and Dalmellington, about 1 mile west of Dalmellington, close to the junction with the B741. A car park is available at the access road to Chalmerston Surface Mine.

Getting onto the reserve

From the car park, cross the road towards the reserve sign and find the sleeper bridge over the roadside ditch. There are no footpaths on the reserve.

Getting round this reserve

Please prevent dogs from hunting wildlife at all times of year, but especially in spring.

Burning is detrimental so please report any fires directly to the emergency services.


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