Strathblane Primary Wildlife Watch Group

*Strathblane Primary Wildlife Watch launched in May 2021. Please contact the group for more information*

Strathblane Primary Wildlife Watch group arranges a variety of fun activities and events for children attending Strathblane Primary School. We meet every two weeks, on Mondays after school.

What we do

Our group is a fun way to learn about nature – from nature trails to arts and crafts, there’s something for everyone.

How to get involved

If you are linked to Strathblane Primary School and would like to find out more, please contact the group by email.


Where and when?

Where we meet

We meet at Strathblane Primary School.



Strathblane Primary Wildlife Watch Group news

Wildlife Watch launch!

Strathblane Primary Wildlife Group, in association with the Scottish Wildlife Trust, had their first meeting on Saturday 8th May. It was a busy first session in which the focus was on how looking after the little guys (in this case, bugs and insects) is an important part of looking after the bigger environment and wildlife.

The group did a bug hunt, insect classification, and also owl pellet dissection during which they were able to identify a vole, a mouse and a shrew– lots of great information on the range of wildlife which lives in our surrounding area.

Despite the cold wind and rain it was a fantastic morning. All the children went home with a nature journal, Go Wild for 30 Days chart and the first stages of their ‘Hedgehog Award’.

Strathblane Primary Wildlife Watch Group


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