Stay Wild

30 Days Wild is The Wildlife Trusts’ annual challenge, where we ask everyone to do one wild thing throughout the month of June. In 2023, more than 590,00 people took on the challenge! But the wild fun doesn’t have to stop at the end of June. Why not stay wild and keep growing your connection to nature? You could even make it a challenge to do one wild thing every day of the year! We’ve got lots of suggestions to keep you going.


“Being outdoors and enjoying nature is fantastic. Not only to see what’s going on around us,
but also for our physical
and mental health.”

Dr Amir Khan, Health Ambassador
The Wildlife Trusts  


Things to do

From visiting a reserve, going snorkelling, recording your wildlife sightings to watching our wildlife webcams and videos or attending an event, there are plenty of things that you can do to enjoy wildlife.


For more inspiration, you can find dozens of nature-based activities in our Learning Zone. And there are lots of ideas in our How to Help Wildlife at Home section.


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