If you’re keen to help wildlife where you live, here are some practical things that you can do to make a difference.

We’ll continue to add to this page over time, so check back for further top tips.

How to help hedgehogs

With a third of our hedgehogs having disappeared in just ten years, these garden favourites need all the help they can get. Find out some easy practical ways to help them.

How to help bees

Pollinators such as bees have seen staggering declines in the UK in recent years. From avoiding pesticides to building a bee hotel, find out what you can do to give bees a boost.

Attracting wildlife to your garden

Find out some top tips on what to plant in your garden to attract a range of wildlife.

Helping wildlife in winter

Long cold nights and fewer sources of food make winter a particularly hard time for wildlife. Read our seven top tips on how you can help wildlife during the winter season.

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