Winter Wildlife Work Dec 2013

Here at the Scottish Wildlife Trust Perthshire reserves, our work to help and protect wildlife never stops, even in the depths of winter! Just because the ospreys are away doesn’t

Osprey Udpate 17th Dec

Still no news alas of our young osprey Blue YZ who was least heard from in Guinea Bissau a month ago. We are no longer holding out any hope of

Osprey Update 10th Dec 2013

Sorry for the couple of days delay to our usual updates- just a few technical glitches this week! Our surviving young osprey in Africa, Blue YD’s movements this week have

Osprey Update 2nd December

Our young Osprey Blue YD ( 2012) is still doing well in Africa and has stayed in his usual haunts on the Senegal/ Mauritania border this week. Just how much

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