The aim of our social media channels is to promote the work of the Scottish Wildlife Trust and our partnerships, and inspire people to care for Scotland’s wildlife.

We encourage respectful debate and discussion, however we reserve the right to moderate our channels appropriately. The following guidelines apply to any engagement with us or other members of the community on any of our social media channels.

These are some types of comments that we encourage:

  • Wildlife sightings. We love to see your images and videos of wildlife from all over Scotland – particularly if you’ve been to one of our reserves.
  • Offers of help. There are lots of ways to get involved with the Scottish Wildlife Trust. If you’re keen, let us know and we’ll sign you up!
  • Constructive criticism. If we’ve got something wrong, let us know and we’ll try to correct it.

These are the types of comments that we’d rather not have:

  • Plugs for products, services that aren’t relevant to the discussion.
  • Heated arguments – debate and discussion is welcomed, but please keep it friendly.
  • Abusive language of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Posts designed to cause a nuisance to the Trust or other users (trolling).

Breach of guidelines

We reserve the right to decide when comments and posts breach our guidelines, and we may hide or delete comments made on our channels at any time. Users who persistently do not follow our guidelines may be prevented from making further comments.

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