Build your own minibeast pooter

Going on a minibeast hunt is a great way to engage kids of all ages and it allows them to get up close and personal to some of the smaller critters in the natural world. There are several different methods for minibeast hunting, one of which is to use a pooter. This activity tells you how to build your own pooter and then use it to hunt for minibeasts.

What you will need:

  • Plasticine
  • Jar with lid
  • 40cm of clear plastic tubing (available at DIY stores and online)
  • A small piece of gauze or netting (an old pair of tights is perfect)
  • Elastic band
  • A red and a green sticker or tape

How to make your own pooter:

  1. Make two holes in the lid of the jar (ask an adult to help with this).
  2. Cut two lengths of plastic tubing about 15cm and 25cm long and poke them through the holes.
  3. Put the gauze or netting over the end of the shorter tube (it needs to be the end that will be inside the jar once the lid’s back on) and mark the other end with the green sticker.
  4. Mark the longer tube with a red sticker (red means ‘don’t suck this tube’)
  5. Put some plasticine around the tubes to seal the holes in the lid and make it airtight.
  6. Screw the lid back on the jar, and you’re ready to go!

How to use your pooter:

Now for the fun part – it’s time to go minibeast hunting!

  1. Go into your garden and get down on your hands and knees.
  2. When you see something small crawling around, gently put the tube marked with the red sticker over the insect and suck in through the other tube. Don’t worry, the gauze or netting on the end of the tube will mean that you don’t suck the bug into your mouth!
  3. Once the insect is inside the jar, you can take a really close look at it.


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Time to complete

1 - 2 hours

Suitable for age

Suitable location

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