Make a frog a home

Frogs and toads are amphibians and they need somewhere to rest over the winter months. They don’t truly ‘hibernate’, but essentially they are inactive over the winter.

Ideal places for frogs to hide are in compost heaps, under rocks, and in the mud at the bottom of ponds. The frogs don’t drown, because they can breathe through their skin as well as their lungs! Toads also rest, but tend to be further from water – in leaf litter, log piles and burrows.

This activity will help you to build a cosy and safe home for common frogs and common toads, to see them through the winter.

What you will need:

  • A trowel
  • A clay pot
  • Damp leaves
  • A watering can or bottle

How to make your frog home:

  1. Dig a small hole in a damp and shaded spot.
  2. Place a clay plant pot on its side, in the hole.
  3. Bury the pot half way up the sides, and fill it half way with soil.
  4. Make it nice and cosy inside, by adding some damp leaves.
  5. Sprinkle the area with water using a watering can or water bottle – this will help to keep the pot in place.

Why not provide a home for your frogs and toads in summer too, by making a mini wildlife pond.

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Time to complete

20 minutes

Suitable for age

Suitable location

Resource Level

Curriculum linked

Sciences (Ecology, biology, natural history, planet Earth topic)



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