Our series of Nature in Brief documents give a top level overview of some of Scotland’s key ecological issues.


A brief exploration of biodiversity, the fundamental building block of ecosystems

A National Ecological Network

Our vision of a National Ecological Network for Scotland, linking up Scotland’s greenspaces

Wildlife crime

What is wildlife crime and how can we fight it in Scotland?

Invasive non-native species

A brief description of Invasive Non Native Species and the risks they pose to Scotland

Living Landscapes

What are living landscapes and what’s happening in Scotland?

Marine Protected Areas

What are Marine Protected Areas and what’s happening in Scotland?

Marine planning

What is marine planning and what would the Scottish Wildlife Trust like to see?

Nature-based solutions

How can nature help tackle 21st Century challenges like climate change and food security?

Protected sites

What is the point of protected sites and what can be done to enhance them in the future?

Natural capital

Why we need to account for nature’s value and what actions can be taken in Scotland

Integrated Pest Management

What is Integrated Pest Management and what would the Trust like to see in Scotland?

Living Landscapes – Scottish Uplands

How can we protect upland habitats in Scotland?

Inshore Fisheries

How can we effectively and sustainably manage Scotland’s inshore fisheries?

Sustainable Aquaculture

How can Scotland use innovation to become a world leader in sustainable aquaculture?

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