The average day in the life of a volunteer

Tom Behrens, from Germany, spent three months in Dumfries and Galloway, from August until  November 2023, helping to manage our diverse sites in the area, each with their own unique

Launching the Creating Riverwoods showcase!

Scotland’s rivers and streams cover a remarkable 125,000km – more than 12 times the length of the country’s mainland coastline. River woodland restoration offers a multitude of benefits. These woodlands

Integrating nature into farming

Ellie Brodie, author of a new report on how the Scottish Government must step up to help farmers integrate nature with food production to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss

Gift shopping ideas for every wildlife enthusiast

This winter, embark on a journey of thoughtful gift-giving with our curated selection that celebrates the wonders of wildlife here in Scotland. From the exquisite Connell’s Wild Scotland Gin to

Please speak up for nature today 

Globally, there is consensus that nature is in crisis. The Scottish Government and its agencies have publicly highlighted this crisis in Scotland in a range of recent policy documents and

Winter Season at Loch of the Lowes

From tomorrow 1st November to 29th February 2024 Lowes Visitor Centre will be operating on Winter Hours. We will only be open to the public 10.30am-4pm on Fridays, Saturdays and

Mothing at Bankhead Moss and Fleecefaulds Meadow

Volunteer Stephen Buckland has been identifying different species of moths at our Bankhead Moss and Fleecefaulds Meadow wildlife reserves in Fife, with 158 different species recorded on the meadow alone.

Creatures of the Night

Here we are in Autumn with increasingly short hours of daylight between rosy dawns and glorious golden sunsets – when it’s not stormy, that is!  We hope you are safe

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