Raining acorns and winter opening hours

On 1 November, Loch of the Lowes Visitor Centre moved onto its winter opening hours. We are now open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 10.30am – 4.00pm. Entry is still

The Langholm buyout

This guest blog by Alison Hutton, a volunteer with the Langholm Initiative, explains the group’s vision and how you can support its planned community buyout.  Imagine a rough, narrow river

Why are there so many spiders in autumn?

Regular guest blogger and wildlife photographer Daryl Smith shares some facts about the spiders in your home, and explains why you may have seen a lot more of them in

Autumn at Loch of the Lowes

With a crunch underfoot, we walk across the fallen leaves, no longer bright green, but an array of colours from red, to orange and yellow. The days are now getting

Catching beavers in Knapdale Forest

In this guest blog Róisin Campbell-Palmer, beaver fieldworker and former Field Operations Manager with the Scottish Beaver Trial details what’s involved in catching beavers to check on their health and

Collecting seeds to plant trees

“Time has flown by” is a phrase I have been hearing a lot recently. And I can’t help but agree when I see the beautiful autumnal colours starting to appear.

Why do we call them ‘skeins’ of geese?

The autumn equinox has just passed, but the unmistakable ‘heralds of autumn’ were making their voices heard well before that. People across Scotland heard their first pink-footed geese of the

Where have all the capitals gone?

When the Scottish Government’s independent Advisory Group on Economic Recovery reported back in June, we welcomed their recommendation that Scotland should use the four capitals approach, viewing the economy through the pillars of economic capital (financial and physical

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