Osprey Diary at Loch of the Lowes – Week 13

This week saw one of the most anticipated events concerning our ospreys finally take place: the chicks were given their rings! Overall the process went very smoothly and was undertaken

Nature Stories – Andrew Brown

During Scotland’s Year of Stories, the Scottish Wildlife Trust is publishing a series of first-hand accounts from people who have faced barriers connecting to nature. In this story Young Leader

Our osprey chicks have been ringed!

LM12 and NC0’s two chicks were ringed yesterday evening by a trained and licensed expert to allow people to follow their lives after they leave the nest. Young ospreys LP8

Avian Influenza (bird flu) – how you can help

Alarming reports are coming in of wild seabirds dying in large numbers around Scotland’s islands and coastlines.  Avian Influenza (or bird flu) has now been confirmed in seabirds including terns,

Sad news from the nest

Sadly the youngest chick at Loch of the Lowes died this morning after being attacked by its older sibling. A sudden drop in the number of fish coming to the

Osprey Diary at Loch of the Lowes – Week 9

Our young brood of osprey chicks have been enjoying the perfect weather for the serious business of eating, sleeping, growing and of course practicing their well aimed ‘over the edge

Montrose Basin Fledglings

At 5:46pm on 23 May, Loch of the Lowes welcomed their third and final osprey hatchling of the season. Whilst we may not have these spectacular pescatarian raptors nesting on

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