Funding nature-based solutions

Nature offers multiple ways to tackle many of the issues we face as a result of a changing climate and our changing society. We have always sought help from nature,

Osprey Watch 2021- a look at the data

With our ospreys off on migration, we thought it would be a good time to share some of the data we collected during our Osprey Watch this year. Get ready

Dippers for days at the Falls of Clyde

There’s a lot to love about dippers, and the Falls of Clyde is a great place to watch these river specialists in action, as visitors have discovered this summer.

Reflections from Handa Island

We have now been living on Handa for over four months, which is challenging to comprehend. In some ways, a third of a year seems like a very long time,

Farewell LM12 and LR2

Just like that, our osprey season has ended. Just like many things which have happened over the past two years, our osprey season has not followed its usual patterns. Not

NC0 has left on migration

Our resident female NC0 has left the reserve, bringing an end to her second successful breeding season at Loch of the Lowes. The last sighting of NC0 on the webcam

Awaiting The Geese

Montrose Basin has now entered that unclear divide between seasons: the swifts have already departed for Africa, and our common terns are definitely gathering together in preparation for their journey

LR1 has left on migration

In an unusual turn of events our eldest fledgling LR1 appears to have left Loch of the Lowes on migration before the resident female. LR1 was last seen on the

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