What’s that deer?

It’s deer month at Loch of the Lowes, and whilst some people are deer ID savvy, we get many visitors who struggle to tell the difference between the different species,

Greener, healthier cities are within our reach

Our new publication Living Cities: towards ecological urbanism outlines the principles of ecological urbanism. It proposes 20 practical recommendations for embedding nature in the urban environment, which will be explored

The Problem with Beech Trees

A few weeks ago we saw just how much damage strong winds can cause in a few hours. Many trees came down across the whole country and here at Falls

Vintage year for moths on Handa Island

There was an unprecedented effort by the ranger team on Handa Island this year to record the rich diversity of moths on Handa Island. The moth trap was deployed on

Learning about ladybirds

Ladybirds are the focus of this week’s article, mainly because this year I have seen more ladybirds this year than ever before! In the UK we have 46 species but

Take an Audio Tour of Montrose Basin

There is an impressive diversity of wildlife to be seen around the Montrose Basin nature reserve, and what you see very much depends on where you are. Whether you’re birdwatching

Summer Summarisation

It has been quite the summer here at Montrose Basin! Here’s a few of my highlights… The visitor centre has been quite the attraction for ospreys this summer. We were

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