Why do we have ponies in the meadow?

You may have noticed that we have two very beautiful white ponies in the meadow at the Falls of Clyde. You may have also thought why on earth have they

Hoverfly Population Boom

Hoverflies have been a common sight at the Montrose Visitor Centre, both inside and outside! But why are there so many of them about? Hoverflies are coldblooded insects which come

Farewell LF15

As many of you will have observed via the webcam, our resident female osprey LF15 has not been seen by staff since the evening of Tuesday 7th August. She was

New Bat Roost at Upper Nethan Gorge

If you have ever walked your dog through the Upper Nethan Gorge reserve you have probably noticed a rather dilapidated old brick building next to the path. It may not

Osprey Update: When will LF15 leave?

It’s getting to that time again when the ospreys start to leave us for the year, with the female (LF15) leaving first. Female ospreys will begin their migration 3-4 weeks

Making Charcoal at the Falls of Clyde

This week we attempted to make charcoal at the Falls of Clyde. We have two small kilns and one handmade retort kiln made by Steve, (this one is apparently design

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