The re-opening of our visitor centres

The journey towards re-opening was a challenging – but rewarding – one for the visitor centre teams across Scotland. It took a huge amount of planning from people all across

Bloomin’ lovely verges

Our Conservation Award intern Siobhan writes about the importance of letting verges be wild. Buttercup meadow © Siobhan Cantwell Lockdown Nature Lockdown has been the new normal since the end

‘Just’ a buzzard?

This week, local photographer and regular guest blogger Daryl Smith takes a look at a bird we now often take for granted…the buzzard.

Wildlife on the verge

Roadside verges have huge potential for sustaining wildlife – if managed correctly. So what can we do to help? Falls of Clyde ranger Patrick Endall takes a closer look.

On the lookout for dippers

If you have spent time at the Falls of Clyde reserve, you may have spotted this plump, handsome little bird hunting for insects and fish in the fast flowing waters.

In search of ghosts

This week our guest blogger and local photographer, Daryl Smith, tells us of his painstaking efforts to capture images of one of our most enigmatic nocturnal animals, the barn owl.

Wild Trivia: In-flight entertainment

We’re bringing you a spot of in-flight entertainment in this week’s Wild Trivia! How many of these silhouetted species can you identify? When you’ve given it your best shot, scroll

Wild Trivia: Purple Power

Wrapping up our rainbow theme, this week it’s all about purple! How many of these species that feature purple can you identify? When you’ve given it your best shot, scroll

Wild Trivia: The Big Blue

Number 11 in our series is all about the blue! Not all species have blue in their common names…but which can you correctly ID? When you’ve given it your best

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